Pest Control Geelong

Pest Control Geelong

Pest Control Geelong provide professional crawling or flying insect control, rodent control, pest removal and inspection services. Call on 1300 331 708 for the same day.

Live Pest Free with Our Pest Control Solutions

Welcome to Peters Pest Control – a local company of Geelong providing guaranteed pest control services. We have been delivering quality pest control solutions for more than two decades all across Geelong. We know no two pests are the same and thus cannot be treated with the same method. We understand the difference between commercial and domestic pests and have specialized treatments for both. We have pest control treatment for all pests including mosquitoes, flies, fleas, rats, mice, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, house fly, dust mites, Indian meal moth, bird mites, grain beetle, fermentation flu, blowflies, spiders, biscuit beetle, and ants.

Call the most trusted pest control services in Geelong – Peters Pest Control and give a tough time to pests!

Pest Control Geelong
Pest Control Geelong

Residential Pest Control Geelong

Your home is yours and you don’t need to share it with anyone, especially pests. Peters Pest Control Geelong have licensed and certified professionals who know how to deal with domestic pests such as house fly, rats, mice, bed bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, dust mites, ants, fleas and flies. We are aware of the seasonal pests in Geelong and have just the right cure for them. Call our customer care (available 24×7) to ask for a free quote for our domestic pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control Geelong

If pests disturb your working environment then we can help you with our exclusive commercial pest control solutions. Peters Pest Control Geelong enables you live peacefully knowing that no pests roam around your commercial property. We have provided pest control solutions to food related businesses including food courts, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, food retail outlets, and cafes. Apart from this, we also extend our pest control solutions to local businesses such as offices, shops, industrial sites, warehouses, and even schools. You can ask for a one-time pest control treatment and if pest infestation recurs then opt for our annual pest control solution.

Pest Control Geelong
Pest Control Geelong

How Do We Do Pest Control ?

Peters Pest Control has been using extremely effective pest control solutions to tackle all sorts of pest problems in Geelong. Our pest control solutions include:

  • Heat Treatment

    The best treatment for pest control is heat treatment used for exported and imported goods. Common goods such as water hyacinth, moss products, grains, herbs, grass thatching, Bali birdseeds, and bark products can be secured with our tested pest control solutions. However, not everyone can use heat treatment with precision and high efficiency. Our technicians have expertise in using heat treatment for complete pest removal.

  • Electronic Killer for Flying Insects

    Peters Pest Control Geelong makes use of electronic device for killing flying insects. This device works on a technology that kills flying insects in a safe and hygienic manner without any mess. No toxins are used in this treatment. You can use these devices anywhere inside your office or home to clean your internal atmosphere from flying insects. Be sure of the performance of this device because we check its performance before selling it to our customers.

  • Bird Deterrents

    We don’t kill birds; on the other hand we use a natural way as bird deterrents that make the bird population fly away from your premises. This pest control method does not harm the birds so you can have peace of mind. Our methods include:

    • Bird spikes
    • Electric bird deterrent
    • Optical bird scarer
    • Bird netting

People are usually unable to remove bird nests on their own. But we at Peters Pest Control Geelong know how to get rid of birds so just give us a call and we will do the rest!

How to Prevent Pests

Peters Pest Control Geelong is available round the clock to deliver excellent pest control solutions. But you need to take few steps to prevent pests:

  • Change your dustbin bags daily.
  • Keep your home/office absolutely clean.
  • Store food in sealed air tight containers.
  • Use fly screens to cover your windows.
  • If something spills on the floor, clean it immediately.
  • Mop your home/office floors daily.
  • Wash your pets daily.
  • Mow the lawns and trim your plants regularly.
  • Keep a check on underneath the furniture.
  • Seal all cracks in walls, windows, and doors.
  • Do not keep dirty dishes in sink overnight.

Follow these steps but still if pests trouble you, call Peters Pest Control Geelong!

Pest Control Geelong
Pest Control Geelong

Same Day Pest Control Services.

Same day pest control services are made to ease the pressure of client, it seems impossible to get rid of pests on short notice, as we know pest are stubborn, removing them requires proper planning and use of chemicals. At Peters Pest Control we are working to provide quality pest control services, therefore, we have come up with same day pest control service, in which we accept the bookings for emergency pest control services, our pest control expert visits the place and delivers the service on time. We use eco-friendly chemicals to do the pest treatment, for bookings call on our numbers.

Best Pest Control Solutions at Peters Pest Control

Peters Pest Control is a leading name synonymous with reliable, professional, and lowest priced pest control solutions. We are simply the best in Geelong because:

  • We are locals of Geelong.
  • We are members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.
  • We offer pest control at the lowest prices.
  • We have only certified and licensed staff.
  • We use only eco-friendly pest control methods.
  • With us you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges.
  • We offer free and fixed quote.
  • We provide pest control in all suburbs of Geelong.
  • Our pest control solutions are available in all suburbs of Geelong.

Cockroach Control Geelong

Cockroaches are common pests that can infest your homes and offices. Cockroaches are known to spread many harmful diseases and illnesses. You may have seen them crawling near the drains in your kitchen and bathroom. It is highly advisable that you hire professional pest control services for cockroach extermination. Peter’s Pest control will provide you with Cockroach Control Services in Geelong. We use the best commercial products that are safe and mild for the home environment. We use modern and advanced techniques for controlling the cockroach infestation. We inspect and terminate the source of infestation and provide proper sanitation as well. Hire Peter’s Pest Control for cockroach control and cockroach extermination today.

Call Peters Pest Control Geelong to get rid of all your pest problems!

Awesome spidecontrol services

I was fed up with seeing spiders everywhere and I was not willing to call a pest control company because it is expensive. However, Peters Pest Control gave me the best spider control services at an affordable rate. Now I am very happy. Thanks, team. Good Job.
- Sophia Thomas

Best Ants Control Service

We have used several pest control companies over the past 7 years, and while they may have taken care of a problem at the start, their service maintenance was terrible. We have always had problems with an ant problem coming back again and again even though we use regular pest control. Peters Pest Control has been unbelievable with their follow-up classification and we have been ant-free now for fairly awhile; they are always polite and quick to respond and ask specially if we're having any ants in the house or other problem.
- Stevan

Trusted company

Peters pest control can be trusted completely. I had to call peters pest control team to control flies and ants in my kitchen. They came up with the best solution and cleared it all. The team is excellent at their work and friendly too.
- Simon

Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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